Why I Support NAVS: Audrey’s Story

As a member of the entertainment community and animal advocate, I was delighted, earlier this year, to meet the “small but mighty” team at the National Anti-Vivisection Society.

It quickly became clear to me how immense and impactful the scope of NAVS’ work is. It is impossible to deny the power of NAVS mission. They’re not simply putting bandages on problems. They’re striving for solutions that can revolutionize not only the way we treat animals but the way we treat humans as well. 

Being a NAVS supporter yourself, this is no doubt old news to you. You know that by donating to NAVS, you are helping to provide more effective scientific alternatives that don’t come at the cost of another living being. You know that you’re helping to change laws to benefit animals locally and nationally. You know that you’re changing hearts and minds. 

But to me, a relative “newcomer” to NAVS, it was nothing short of a revelation. 

NAVS’ mission speaks to me—the way I know it does to you. That’s why I’m asking you today to make a Holiday donation in support of NAVS’ efforts. 

We have an opportunity right now. This is the moment when we can pave the way for future generations to be able to explore new options to advance science—options that don’t rely on harming animals, and which, in the long run, are better for humans. Ending the use of animals for scientific research is not only an act of compassion and humanity but an act of innovation and forward action. 

I am proud to support NAVS. This Holiday season, I hope you will join me by making a gift to NAVS, so that their compassion and innovation can continue to make a positive impact on both animals and people.

Thank you,

Audrey Francis
Actor, director, Steppenwolf Theatre ensemble member and co-Founder of Black Box Acting

Pictured: Audrey Francis and her dog, Antonio 

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