Human Lung-on-a-Chip Models Tackle Cancer

It is well known that a tumor’s microenvironment influences its behavior, although many existing cancer models have failed to fully take this into consideration. Former NAVS/International Foundation for Ethical Research (IFER) Graduate Fellowship Recipient Dr. Bryan Hassell confronted this issue … Continued

The Government IS Here to Help!

Are you a government employee? Do you know someone who is? NAVS is proud to be a participant in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a payroll deduction program designed specifically for federal workers, retirees and government contractors. The CFC makes … Continued

The Waiting Game

From Animal Action, Summer 2016 “Retired” NIH chimpanzees still haven’t been moved to a sanctuary—and for many, time is running out Some are in the twilight of their lives. Born in captivity, they’ve spent all their days, all their years, … Continued