Where will the animals go when animal testing ends?


In 1998, NAVS was struggling with important questions that were on the minds of our staff and supporters:  

When we fulfill our mission to end animal testing and experimentation, where will the animals currently in laboratories go?

As we fight the long-term battle to end vivisection, how can we help animals who are suffering today?

NAVS sought to answer these questions with the establishment of our Sanctuary Fund. It gave our supporters the ability to contribute to a special fund that would help animals when they need it the most–whether they’re being retired from research, affected by a natural disaster, or suffering as victims of abuse or neglect by humans.

In the 20 years since the NAVS Sanctuary Fund was established, donors like you have changed countless lives forever and for better. Will you help us continue to help animals in need in 2019 and beyond? Your donation now will ensure that we can be there for as many animals as possible, while also allowing us to respond as quickly as possible. 

Help save animal lives »

Read the stories of just a few of the animals that supporters like you have helped throughout the years, from our first grant to Primarily Primates sanctuary in 1999 to animals that were saved just this past year

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