Track Laws and Legislation

What-We-Do-Track-Laws-and-LegislationNAVS has long recognized the importance of extending greater protections and justice for animals by helping animal advocates navigate the legal/legislative process and educating concerned individuals, law students, attorneys, judges, elected officials and business professionals about animal law issues. In addition to special publications and sponsorship of symposia on contemporary animal law issues at law schools and bar associations, NAVS created the Animal Law Resource Center at, a website providing access to information about legislation and legal matters pertaining to animals. All information on the site may be accessed free of charge:

Animal law impacts many areas of legal practice, including criminal law, contracts, torts, sales and professional licensing, just to mention a few. NAVS provides a searchable database to find existing laws in each state and at the federal level.

The Animal Law Resource Center provides a database of pending animal-related legislation for all 50 states and the federal government, including proposed bills on animal research, humane education, dissection, animal cruelty, veterinary licensing requirements, companion animals, hunting and trapping, wildlife issues, endangered species, and animal use in agriculture and entertainment.

When these issues are impacted by legislation, they may also be featured in the NAVS Advocacy Center, making it easy for animal advocates to send letters to their elected officials supporting or opposing specific legislative measures.

The Animal Law Resource Center offers model laws on a broad spectrum of animal issues, including animal cruelty, animal control, laboratory animal welfare, and the use of animals in education and product testing. Much of the research is done by law student interns, giving them vital exposure to the broad scope of animal law outside the classroom. More than 50 students have participated in the NAVS Animal Law Intern Program, giving them a real-world opportunity to conduct research and draft laws to advance greater protections for animals in many areas of animal law.