Empower Advocates

Advocates, individuals who believe in the need for change in current practice and policy, want to make their voices heard. But in a society with so many issues and viewpoints, it is sometimes challenging to sort out those actions that can really make a difference. NAVS provides a platform for advocates to add their voices to many others in order to get the attention of legislators and other policymakers and promote our agenda for change. For NAVS, change means creating a more humane and just world for animals.

What-We-Do-Empower-AdvocatesNAVS provides tools and timely information on pending legislation and ways animals are used in science so that people can easily take effective action, spread the word and make informed, compassionate choices that can influence elected officials, policymakers, corporations and others to enact responsible animal-friendly changes.

Through the NAVS Advocacy Center, we provide an easy forum for action, where individuals can learn about specific bills and regulatory actions that affect animals, especially animals used for research, testing and education, and take action with a click of a computer key. The NAVS Advocacy Center offers information on federal and state legislation, as well as federal regulatory action and campaigns that concern corporate interests. Each advocacy item includes in-depth information about the issue and a pre-written letter in support of or in opposition to a pending action.

For advocates who wish to get information on important legislation and new legal trends, NAVS also provides a weekly e-newsletter, Take Action Thursday, with timely updates on legal issues and links to make taking action easy.