What can you do to help animals this school year?

The beginning of a new school year is an important time to reaffirm our commitment to helping animals used in education.

It is estimated that tens of millions of animals are “purpose bred” or harvested from the wild just to be killed for use as dissection specimens every year.

But although dissection continues to be a deeply-rooted classroom tradition here in the United States, the good news is that it is not necessary to teach the life sciences.

Did you know?

  • Classroom dissection is not practiced globally. Schools in some countries, including Argentina, Israel and the Netherlands, do not conduct dissections, and the practice is rare or being phased out in other countries.
  • Advancements in technology have led to the development of a variety of commercially available, interactive virtual dissection alternatives, many of which are free or are available for a nominal fee.
  • Students who utilize these humane alternatives to dissection perform as well as or better than students who participate in dissection exercises.
  • 16 states and Washington, DC, have adopted student choice policies or laws giving students the choice to opt out of dissection without penalty. Through our Compassionate Humane Options in Classroom Education (CHOICE) initiative, NAVS is working with lawmakers in states where students lack this right to encourage the introduction of student choice legislation.
  • Most biology teachers will permit their students to use a dissection alternative if requested—so speak up if you have objections to dissection. The sooner you can confirm arrangements to use dissection alternatives, the better.

To help replace and reduce animal use in education, NAVS’ Biology Education Advancement Program (BioLEAP) offers helpful information and resources for those interested in effective and humane dissection alternatives.

This year, make a pledge to keep the LIFE in life sciences. Visit BioLEAP today to learn more about cost-effective and humane alternatives to animal use in the classroom.

And please forward this email to friends and family members who have children in grades K-12 to make them aware of student choice and the smarter alternatives to classroom dissection exercises

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