We aren’t finished fighting for the animals.

This year marked a momentous shift in the battle to end animal testing and experimentation: a Pew research survey showed that, for the first time, a majority of Americans oppose the use of animals for biomedical research.  

But alongside this exciting new statistic came a particularly concerning one. NAVS discovered that the research community is ramping up their use of nonhuman primates. Not only did the USDA report a drastic increase in the number of these animals used, but it also revealed the highest use of these animals since reporting began in 1973.

It’s also been widely reported that researchers wish to continue this trend and have their sights set on marmosets. Marmosets are small primates—most could fit in the palm of your hand—who, like their primate cousins, are intelligent and social creatures. Male marmosets are known to be among the most attentive parents in the animal kingdom.

Marmosets also have offspring more frequently than macaques, the most common nonhuman primate currently used in research. This makes marmosets much more attractive to use, as researchers can continue to quickly breed more of these animals who, sadly, will be destined for the same life in a laboratory as their parents.   

Will you join us as we work in 2019 to keep marmosets—and all animals—in their natural habitats and out of laboratory cages?

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The recent poll shows that most Americans now share our belief in a compassionate world for all living beings. Now let’s work together to create that world, through next year and beyond.  


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