UPDATE: Legislation considered to make Illinois cruelty-free!

Humane Cosmetics

Illinois’s proposed ban on the sale of animal-tested cosmetics, SB 241, passed the Senate on March 21; on May 1 it received unanimous approval from the House Labor & Commerce Committee and now is being considered by the full House.

This legislation would prohibit manufacturers from selling, importing or offering for sale in Illinois any cosmetic for which an animal test was conducted by or on behalf of the manufacturer after January 2020. Cosmetics are broadly defined as any article used for personal hygiene or beautification.

Urgent Call to Action:

  1. Please call your Illinois state Representative and ask them to vote “yes” on ending the manufacture, marketing and sale of animal-tested cosmetics in Illinois.
  1. Spread the word! Please share this page with your social network.

While the fight to pass the federal Humane Cosmetics Act continues, state-level bills are making big strides toward making our country cruelty-free—and Illinois is on its way to becoming the next state to take a stand for animals.

But this can’t happen without people like you who are willing to make their voices heard.

The deadline for making a difference in Illinois is quickly approaching. Thank you for your urgent action to help get this legislation passed into law.

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