Testing Cosmetics on Animals Needs to Stop!

Federal Legislation

The Personal Care Products Safety Act, S 726, has been reintroduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein this year. While last session’s bill contained language merely “encouraging,” but not requiring, the use of non-animal alternatives, this year’s bill states that “It is the sense of the Senate that animal testing should not be used for the purposes of safety testing on cosmetic products and should be phased out with the exception of appropriate allowances.” This positive, though somewhat ambiguous wording will be amended as the bill makes its way through the appropriate Senate committees.

Although last session’s Humane Cosmetics Act has not yet been reintroduced in the House, this is an opportunity to let your Senators know that you applaud the inclusion of positive language in the Personal Care Products Safety Act and urge them to include specific language from the previous Humane Cosmetics Act in the final version of the bill.

Please ask your U.S. Senators to support an end to animal-based cosmetics safety testing this year.


State Updates

While numerous states introduced bills this year to ban the sale of animal-tested cosmetics in their state, two are moving forward and need your encouragement to pass. If you live in either of the following states, make your voice heard in support of a ban on animal-tested cosmetics.

Hawaii, HB 7004, passed the House and the first committee of the Senate. Urge the Senate Judiciary/Ways and Means Committees to hold a hearing before the session ends.


Illinois, SB 241, passed the Senate and has been assigned to the House Labor & Commerce Committee. Urge your Representative to hold a hearing and support passage of this bill.



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