Tell the candidates where YOU stand on animal issues!

As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, NAVS cannot and does not promote any single political party or candidate for office. But we don’t need to. Because our long history of promoting legislation to improve how animals are used for research, testing and education has shown us that animal advocacy is not a partisan issue. Advocates for animals belong to every political party. 

As elections approach and parties and candidates prepare their campaign platforms, now is the time to tell candidates running in your district that you—as a voter—support issues that provide better protection for animals and reduce animal exploitation. Some of these issues, such as breed specific regulations or bans on pet shop sales of cats and dogs, are local and would concern a local city council. Other issues, such as bills concerning post-research adoption legislation or bans on the sale of endangered animal trophies, may be relevant to state legislators. 

Of course, the issues that have the most potential to help (or harm) animals in research are those addressed in the U.S. Congress since their decisions typically effect the entire country. The use of animals for cosmetics testing is one such issue that is before Congress right now. While several states already prohibit the sale of animal-tested cosmetics, passage of the federal Humane Cosmetics Act would help end the cruel and archaic use of animals for product safety testing across the entire country. 

Please be sure that candidates from all parties know that you support this and other legislation that would affect animals being used as stand-ins for human disease and medical conditions. Tell your federal and state representatives – of all parties– that their constituents support these issues. 

Remember: they’re voting on your behalf. Make sure they know your views! 

Let ALL legislators know that you care about animals! Use NAVS’ “Find Your Legislator” tool to identify and contact your state and federal elected officials.

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