Take Action for the Animals

This week, Take Action Thursday advocates for continued momentum urging the President and members of Congress to take a stand on behalf of animals in laboratories.

World Week for Animals in Laboratories

Yesterday, in honor of World Day for Animals in Laboratories, we asked NAVS supporters and advocates like you to send a single, unifying message to the President and to members of Congress: That no matter what side of the aisle they’re on, they should be on the side of the animals.

We asked you to make your voices heard—and you did. Nearly 1,000 emails were sent to our elected officials in Washington, urging an end to the flawed, cruel use of animals in scientific research, and an increased emphasis on funding smarter, humane research.

As World Week for Animals in Laboratories continues, we want to make sure that our message continues to resonate on Capitol Hill. If you haven’t already done so, please TAKE ACTION now. Send an email to President Trump, your Senators and your Representative in Congress. Let them know that you want them to use their unique positions of power to lead—whenever and however possible—in supporting positive, humane and human-relevant solutions that do not harm animals.

If you have already sent your email, please forward this message to friends and relatives who have not yet lent their voice to this important call to action.

Animal suffering goes beyond politics, beyond party lines. And working together, we can empty the laboratory cages for good.


State Updates

Since last week’s issue of Take Action Thursday, further movement has occurred on two different state bills. If you live in one of the following states, please let your legislators know that you support these bills.

In Washington, SB 5212, which would require healthy dogs and cats used for research be adopted instead of euthanized after the research, has been approved by both chambers of the legislature. It now goes to Governor Jay Inslee for his approval. 

Washington residents, please ask Gov. Inslee to sign this legislation into law.


In Nevada, SB 197, which would prohibit the import or sale of animal-tested cosmetics products, passed the Senate and was assigned to the Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor. 

Nevada residents, please let your Assemblyperson know that you support this bill.


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