Dogs and Cats Used in Research

Many people are surprised to find out that cats and dogs are still used in research, much less that science has proven them to be insufficient models for human health issues. Want to know more?


Ready to take action? 

  • Help end the use of cats, dogs and other animals in testing and experimentation by funding innovative, alternative research. 

By making your donation to NAVS today, you can help fund projects by early-career scientists who are discovering new ways to conduct research that would help end the use of dogs, as well as other animals.

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  • Support state legislation that would save cats and dogs used in research from euthanasia.

The move to support the adoption of dogs and cats who are no longer used in research is seeing great progress in states around the country. Visit our Research Dog and Cat Adoption Legislation page to find out if your state already has a law in place or under consideration by your state’s legislature. You can also send a letter to your legislator asking them to introduce and support a similar bill if no legislation is currently under consideration and your state does not have a law. 

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