Q+A with the Organ-on-a-Chip Company TissUse

NAVS recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Reyk Horland, Vice President of Business Development at TissUse. TissUse is leading the development of organ chips that can link to one another to create “human-on-a-chip” (aka “body-on-a-chip”) models. These models … Continued

Revolutionizing Medicine with Virtual Patients

NAVS has long supported the development of in silico (computer) models as alternatives that can reduce and replace the use of animals in science. A recent article in Scientific American looked into how computer models can also replace human subjects … Continued

Meet the Humane Science “Class of 2021”

Your generosity and commitment to advancing science without harming animals is making a difference in the lives of young researchers around the world. Continuing our longstanding investment in ending the exploitation of animals used in science, NAVS and the International … Continued