About that research primate “shortage”…

NAVS opposes the use of nonhuman primates—and all animals—in scientific research for both ethical and scientific reasons. Not only is animal experimentation a cruel practice, it can also produce misleading results that sidetrack meaningful scientific progress. Despite the known limitations … Continued

The advantages of non-animal antibodies

Antibodies, part of the immune system that protect the body against repeat exposure to viruses and bacteria, are also important research tools. Scientists generate and use antibodies for many procedures because of the way these proteins bind precisely to their … Continued

The Reproducibility Crisis: Old Habits Die Hard

It has been a while since we’ve reported on the reproducibility crisis in preclinical research, but it’s not because the problem has been getting better.  It’s been estimated that between 51% and 89% of animal studies are not reproducible. In … Continued

Is it time to replace the 3 R’s?

More than sixty years have passed since Russell and Burch introduced the “3 R’s” concept—reduction, refinement and replacement of animal use—to advance animal welfare standards and reduce animal use in science. Though the 3 R’s have long been considered to … Continued