The Waiting Game

From Animal Action, Summer 2016 “Retired” NIH chimpanzees still haven’t been moved to a sanctuary—and for many, time is running out Some are in the twilight of their lives. Born in captivity, they’ve spent all their days, all their years, … Continued

Animal Research: A Matter of Moral Relevance

by Bernard E. Rollin, Ph.D. Philosophers have shown that the standard reasons offered to exclude animals from the moral circle, and to justify not assessing our treatment of them by the same moral categories and machinery we use for assessing … Continued

The Animal Welfare Act at 50

In the summer of 1965, the news reported the heartbreaking story of a Dalmatian named Pepper. This cherished companion animal had been stolen from her Pennsylvania home, and desperate appeals to a local animal dealer to search his farm for … Continued