Support humane farming: Stop the King amendment

This week’s Take Action Thursday opposes a dangerous provision in the 2018 Farm Bill that will undo state efforts to require better animal welfare standards.

Federal Legislation

HR 2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018, or the “Farm Bill,” is comprehensive legislation that is passed by Congress every five years. The bill covers an array of agricultural, food and farming policies and programs.

This year, Iowa Congressman Steve King once again amended the Farm Bill to attempt to undermine state and local farmed animal welfare practices in certain states.

The King amendment would allow producers in states without any humane welfare standards (such as a ban on battery cages or gestation crates) to market their products in states that have enacted such reforms. This would make it virtually impossible for additional states to pass legislation mandating more humane (and costly) farming measures because food produced with higher welfare standards would be too expensive to compete with cheaper products from other states.

This year’s amendment has even more potential for harm. It would allow any individual, corporation or government entity to challenge—and potentially invalidate—a state or local government’s humane regulations.

If the King amendment passes, a state with a law prohibiting the use of battery cages could be challenged by an individual, a company or another state that objected to its inability to sell its eggs in that state. While the case is pending, a preliminary injunction would make the law invalid until the court made its decision. The state of Missouri has unsuccessfully challenged California’s ban on the sale of eggs from battery cages in the past, but the passage of the King amendment would open the door to invalidating California’s ban.

Please ask your U.S. Representative to OPPOSE the King amendment to the Farm Bill.

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