State Ballot Update

The results of state and local ballot initiatives resulted in some positive reforms benefiting animals, as well as some disappointing outcomes:

California: Ballot 12, to further reform standards for animals confined for agricultural use, passed with a 61% majority.

Florida: Constitutional Amendment 13, to end commercial greyhound and other dog racing in the state by 2020, passed with 68.92% of the votes. The measure required a minimum of 60% to pass.

North Carolina: The North Carolina Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment, to give residents a constitutional right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife, passed with a 57% majority. This will now make hunting, fishing and trapping the primary means of managing wildlife in the state.

A local referendum in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, that would have prohibited the keeping or transport of dogs and cats intended to be used for research through the town, failed with a vote of 41% supporting and 59% opposing this measure. This was an impressive showing, given that the owners of a nearby animal breeding facility live in and around the Mt. Horeb area.

Thanks to everyone who went to the polls to make their votes count on election day.

This entry was posted in News on November 7, 2018.
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