Speak Up on Behalf of Animals on Election Day

Your Voice (and Vote) Can Make A Difference for Animals!

Our elected officials have the ultimate say on what laws are passed in our states and in the federal government. But voters like you have a voice in choosing who you want to represent you in office. And as animal advocates, we all have an obligation to ensure that those officials consistently vote in favor of animal-friendly measures.

At the federal level, the House of Representatives is currently considering legislation that covers a wide array of animal-related issues, including ending cosmetics testing on animals and encouraging the EPA to fund non-animal methods of chemical safety testing.

As America prepares to go to the voting booth next Tuesday, November 6, now is a great opportunity to remind your elected officials that their stance on legislation that impacts animals will play a role in determining who gets your support.

Send your U.S. Representative a letter today, letting them know that animal protection is important to you—urging them to act in the animals’ best interest.


This year, several states are also considering animal-related ballot measures. If you live in one of these states, please be sure to make your vote count on behalf of animals on November 6:


Amendment 13  

Would prohibit the racing of or wagering on greyhounds or other dogs. All commercial dog racing in connection with wagering would end by 2020. This measure is proposed as a Constitutional Amendment and was proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission. A 60 percent majority will be required for this measure to pass.

Vote YES on Amendment 13


Proposition 12 

Would establish minimum requirements for confining certain farm animals (calves raised for veal, gestating sows and egg-laying hens) and would prohibit sales of meat and egg products from animals confined in a noncomplying manner. This is in part an extension of Prop 2, which won voter support in 2008, but did not specify minimum cage sizes. Prop 2 would also mandate that all laying hens would be “cage free” as defined by the United Egg Producers, by 2022.

Vote YES on Proposition 12

North Carolina

North Carolina Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment 

Would establish a state constitutional right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife, subject to the state’s statutes. It also gives explicit preference to hunting and fishing as a means to control wildlife in the state, making it extremely difficult to amend current hunting, fishing and trapping laws, to institute a reduction in hunting preserves or to ban the cruelest means of trapping wildlife.     

Vote NO on the North Carolina Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment


Please don’t leave important legislative decisions for someone else to make. Get out and VOTE.

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