Save the North Atlantic Right Whale from Extinction

This week’s Take Action Thursday urges action on legislation to protect the North Atlantic right whale before it is too late.

Photo © NOAA

The North Atlantic right whale is one of the most endangered marine species. Recently, however, there has been a significant loss to its already fragile population.

The Scientific Assistance for Very Endangered North Atlantic Right Wales Act of 2018 (or SAVE Right Whales Act), S 3038 and HR 6060, would promote awareness of the plight of endangered North Atlantic right whales, while providing funding for essential projects that can protect and restore their population.

These companion bills were introduced in response to the discovery of 18 right whales who died primarily from injuries sustained from human activities, including ship collisions and from being entangled in fishing nets.  

The SAVE Right Whales Act would assist conservation efforts and initiate cooperative projects with various government agencies and fishermen to address human-made conflicts.

Canada has recently shut down fishing areas to protect this species. With the passage of this legislation, collaboration between the U.S. and Canada can better protect the North Atlantic right whale.

Please contact your U.S. Senators and Representative to ask them to give their full support to the SAVE Right Whales Act, providing the financing and public awareness for protecting a critically endangered marine species.  


NAVS’ efforts to promote and advance humane legislation can only succeed with your support. Please make your donation today. 


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