Rhode Island: Cat & Dog Adoption Needs Your Support

Maryland and Delaware have already passed legislation this year. Please help Rhode Island be the next to adopt this important measure for dogs and cats in research.

The Rhode Island Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee needs to hear from constituents in favor of HB 7414, which would ensure that healthy cats and dogs have the opportunity to be adopted into loving homes instead of being euthanized after being used for research or testing purposes. This bill would require publicly-funded higher education research facilities that use cats and dogs for scientific research or testing to make reasonable efforts to adopt out healthy animals no longer being used.

A research facility would be able to utilize a private placement process or enter into an agreement with an animal rescue or shelter organization to arrange for an adoption.

The House passed the bill on April 11 and the Senate had a hearing on June 16. They are holding the bill for review but might decide to vote at any time.

They need to hear support from constituents on this bill to continue its progress. Please contact your state Senator and ask them to reach out to their colleagues on the Environment and Agriculture Committee in support of HB 7414. 

Not sure who to contact? Use our Find Your Legislator tool to get in touch with your State Senator: http://navsoc.convio.net/site/PageNavigator/NAVSOC/FindYourLegislator.html


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