Research Dog & Cat Adoption Bill Passes in Illinois

May 31- Big news for dogs and cats used in research in Illinois: the Illinois Research Dogs and Cats Adoption Act has passed.

Throughout this year, NAVS has been working on a targeted, state-based campaign to support legislation that would require laboratories that use dogs and cats for research to adopt out healthy animals when they have been retired, allowing them the chance at loving, forever homes after leaving the laboratory.

Today, NAVS received word that Illinois’ version of this bill has been passed by both the Houses and Senate. Now, it only waits for Governor Rauner’s signature to make this bill become law.

This victory was won thanks in part to NAVS advocates who acted on behalf of the animals whose lives will now be saved as a direct result of this legislation. Now, cats and dogs throughout the state of Illinois to have the opportunity to know life outside of their cages.

Want to join NAVS and supporters around the country in standing up for the animals?  You can take action on a number of issues on the national, federal and state levels that can make a lasting impact by visiting the NAVS Advocacy Center.


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