The PUPPERS Act Must Still Be Passed—And Here’s Why

Last week we shared some exciting news: that the Brat Amendment to HR 3219 (a Department of Defense appropriations bill for 2018) received unanimous support in the House.  This important amendment (which includes the language of another piece of legislation called the PUPPERS Act) would defund painful experiments on dogs by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs if HR 3219 is passed. While NAVS and the rest of the animal welfare community celebrated this victory, passing the PUPPERS Act is still crucial to ending cruel and wasteful testing on dogs by the VA. 

The reason why: the amendment only defunds these harmful experiments for one year, while the PUPPERS Act would put a permanent end to funding this kind of research. 

The passage of the Brat Amendment is nevertheless an exciting step in the right direction. “The overwhelming support of the House for the Brat amendment bodes well for their future consideration of the PUPPERS Act,” said Marcia Kramer, NAVS’ director of legal and legislative programs. “It isn’t enough to cut funding for these cruel experiments for a single year. We need to ensure that this research ends for good.”

But now is the time to take advantage of this momentum and get the PUPPERS Act passed—for both the dogs currently in VA care and any who would be subject to painful and wasteful testing in the future.  

TAKE ACTION and let your U.S. Representative know that you want this research to end not just this year, but forever.


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