Post-Research Dog and Cat Adoption Bills Take Off in 2020

In 2020, NAVS is once again strongly promoting legislation that will allow the adoption of healthy dogs and cats no longer needed by laboratories for research, testing or education. In 2019, Oregon and Washington passed laws to implement the adoption of animals from labs, bringing the total of state laws to 11 (CA, CT, DE, IL, MD, MN, NV, NY OR, RI and WA).

NAVS has been asked what the value is of legislation that does not further our mission—to end research on animals—but is intended to provide for their care after the research is over. Aside from the benefit to individual animals who will find a loving home, this legislation sheds light on animal research and will hopefully have an impact in reducing the number of dogs and cats used for harmful and invasive research and testing. In addition, knowing that the disposition of animals used by researchers is being scrutinized by the public will hopefully give individual researchers incentive to reduce their invasive—and overall-use of dogs and cats.

So far this year, new legislation has been introduced in numerous states. NAVS actively promotes the passage of this legislation, even while striving to end the exploitation of all animals in the name of science, including dogs and cats. Until these animals are replaced in the laboratory with more humane and human-relevant models, we support efforts to show that the lives of these animals matter and that they deserve the chance of lives in loving homes. 

If you live in a state that has legislation pending, please contact your legislator and encourage them to support this legislation.


Pending legislation


FloridaHB 181 Would require research facilities to enter into an agreement with an animal rescue or animal shelter for the adoption of any healthy animal no longer being used for education, research, science or testing purposes.



Massachusetts, S 2463, which consolidates three bills from last year (S 587, H 758 and H 764), would require research institutions and product testing facilities to offer cats and dogs used in research to an animal shelter or rescue organization for adoption if the animal is deemed appropriate for adoption.



Michigan, HB 4496 Would require research facilities conducting research on animals to offer laboratory animals no longer used for research to an animal rescue entity for adoption prior to euthanizing them. This includes all animals in good health and posing no safety risk, not just dogs and cats.



PennsylvaniaSB 534/HB 238  Would require research facilities to offer healthy dogs and cats used in research to an animal shelter or rescue organization for adoption, or to arrange for private placement of the animal for adoption.




Model Law

If your state does not already have a law or pending legislation, request your legislator to introduce a bill to require researchers to adopt out instead of euthanizing dogs and cats no longer needed for research. Give them a chance to spend their lives in a forever home.





For more information on the adoption of cats and dogs in research facilities, go to the NAVS website.


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