NPR Features Flaws of Animal Model on “Morning Edition”

April 10, 2017 – NPR contributor and award-winning journalist Richard Harris’ piece, “Drugs That Work in Mice Often Fail When Tried in People” was featured this morning on NPR’s Morning Edition.  The piece brings to light some key factors in the failure of the animal model—the lack of reproducibility and overall misleading findings that do not translate to the biology of humans.

While we feel that this leaves the ethical issues associated with animal testing unexplored, NAVS applauds NPR and Mr. Harris for bringing this issue to the national stage.

“Many scientists are reluctant to take a risk that could backfire,” Harris says of the need for innovation in research. “But the upside could benefit us all, in the form of a better understanding of disease, and effective new drugs.”  We agree—better, smarter science without animal models would truly benefit all of us.

Listen here:

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