What the new year can mean for animals

When the ball drops at midnight tonight, many of us will be ringing in a brand new year. But for dogs and cats who have been used in research in the state of Illinois, January 1 will mean so much more. 

For them, it will mean that legislation passed this year that requires they have a chance at a life outside of the laboratory now becomes law. And this cause for celebration wouldn’t be possible without people like you. 

In 2017, Illinois joined Minnesota, California, Connecticut, Nevada and New York in passing legislation that would save adoptable dogs and cats used in research from euthanasia, and give them a chance at forever homes. We are excited to see such progress, but as you know, there is much work to be done. As a loyal supporter of NAVS, you too are committed to ending all animal experimentation.

You can help our efforts to target the remaining 44 states that do not have these lifesaving laws in the coming year—animals in these states are depending on it.

Last year, NAVS identified states that, according to the USDA, use the most dogs and cats for research purposes. Thanks to your support and those who “took action,” thousands of letters were sent to legislators in these states. And while not all of our efforts were met with success this yearwhat happened in Illinois—where the campaign to get this bill passed took multiple years of sustained action—is proof that we can win. And you know that standing up for these animals is the right and just thing to do.

Your donation this holiday season will help NAVS lobby for laws—in all 50 states—that ensure dogs and cats used in research get a chance to live a life outside of their cages. With your help, NAVS can be part of the greater fight to end the exploitation of all animals in the name of science.  


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