New Year, New Cruelty-Free You!

Written by Ashley Velez, of Cruelty-Free with Ashley V

A few weeks ago, we rang in the new year and were enthusiastic about improving every part of our lives. By the time January came around, we already had our goals written out and bought all the supplies we needed. We committed to the diet plan, paid for the gym membership, picked a new hobby to get into, listed all the books we planned to read and chose our “word” for the new year.

Have you ever considered giving yourself the gift of a “new year, new you” makeover? As a licensed esthetician and beauty lover in general, my favorite thing to do from time to time is change up my entire look and it, for sure, has the power to make a woman feel like a million bucks and a brand new her! So how about that brand-new year makeover for you to enjoy? Here are some cool ideas to switch up your look that will help you feel super confident and look absolutely fabulous as you crush your New Year’s resolutions–and as always, every product I recommend is cruelty-free!



Who doesn’t love just nonchalantly showing up at work one morning with a head of completely different hair —a brand-new color or style— knowing full well that heads will be turned? The deeper-toned balayage look is in right now! If you’d like to experience the salon for such an effect, use legitimate sources on Google to see what salons use cruelty-free products before booking appointments.

For styling products, Giovanni never disappoints. From products such as dry shampoo to non-overly sticky hair spray to their values (let’s just say they are cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny), you are sure to be impressed with everything about those purchases.


Why should skin care products have to contribute to cruelty in order to work well? They don’t! For ever-popular facial masks, I recommend the brands YesTo and Alba Botanicals. From black charcoal for oily skin to Hawaiian coconut nourishments for the dry skinned, you’re going to find everything you need from these genius beauty brands. KINDri also has an amazing beauty oil that you can use anywhere from your hair to your face under your moisturizer, and it will leave your skin feeling super soft and hydrated! Products like it are so important to use, especially during these chilly winter months.

For vegan daily skincare that is affordable, cruelty-free and high-quality, look no farther than Dermalogica, which offers various masks, daily regimen products and more needs-based products. Use their stuff daily and you will be glowing, in a good way.

Spray tans: for when you can’t make it on a tropical vacation, but want to look the part. Who doesn’t love a bronze glow in the winter time? If you choose to use a salon that uses Norvell products, you can be sure that your tan didn’t come at the cost of animal testing.


Can’t forget about your fingertips! From pink and blue to black and gold, you can find some of the most beautiful hues of nail polishes from brands such as SpaRitual and Pacifica (both vegan brands as well!)


Last but not least, my favorite section of all the sections listed here.

100% Pure is one of my favorite go-to brands for all of the face stuff (foundations, concealers, blushes). For eyeshadows and lip color, I particularly like The Body Shop’s vegan palettes- and there are several awesome palettes to choose from! As for mascara, Milani is a great drugstore option with several options for your preference and they also have amazing eyeliners as well.

There you have it, my cruelty-free friends! It’s not too late to treat yourself to that makeover, you know! Cheers to looking fabulous as we walk into an awesome 2019!

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