Why NAVS Matters: A Sanctuary’s Story


Some were shackled in chains and put on display at roadside zoos. Others were bred in backyards and forced into the exotic pet trade. Many spent their lives in laboratory cages—cut open, drugged and abused in the name of science.

Wherever they came from, they found new lives at Mindy’s Memory Primate Sanctuary in Oklahoma. For more than 20 years, Mindy’s Memory has provided lifelong care to nonhuman primates in need of safe haven.

But caring for the 80 primates who currently call Mindy’s home is an expensive proposition. And all it takes is one emergency to put their lives and safety in jeopardy. That’s why, when the call has gone out for help, your support has allowed the NAVS Sanctuary Fund to assist the residents at Mindy’s Memory—and at hundreds of other sanctuaries and shelters across the United States.

“With NAVS’ help,” notes Mindy’s Memory Sanctuary Manager Darren Tindell, “we were able to provide new propane heaters for our warm houses as we prepared for a harsh winter, provide safe transport for new primates coming into the sanctuary, upgrade our failing sewer system, and help us continue to provide the best veterinary care for our residents as many approach their twilight years.”

The NAVS Sanctuary Fund provides a lifeline between compassionate individuals–who don’t always know where or when the worst situation exists–and reputable shelters and sanctuaries across the U.S. facing emergency situations.

“NAVS has made a real difference for the primates at Mindy’s Memory,” says Darren. “We see firsthand the benefit of allowing primates the opportunity to live out their lives in a sanctuary setting. When you donate to NAVS, know that your contribution will have lasting effects for the lucky few who get retired from research.”



Your gift to NAVS will help make a positive difference for animals today. Please also consider making a recurring monthly gift to help sustain our ongoing program activities that promote greater compassion, respect and justice for animals all throughout the year

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