NAVS Forum Addresses Finer Points of Humane Lobbying

State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora), lobbyist Dave Marsh and NAVS Director of Legal/Legislative Programs Marcia Kramer

On November 15, NAVS co-sponsored a program with the DePaul University Animal Law Center, “Humane Lobbying: Using the Legislative Process on Behalf of Animals.” Law students, practicing attorneys and animal advocates from across the Chicago area took part in this special free forum.

The program was led by Illinois State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) and lobbyist Dave Marsh, who were instrumental in passing the Illinois Research Dog and Cat Adoption Act through the Illinois General Assembly in 2017.

The first half of the afternoon event looked at the unique challenges that accompany efforts to advance animal-friendly legislation. In the second half of the program, attendees were presented with hypothetical scenarios through which they examined many ethical issues pertaining to lobbying and legislating in the State of Illinois.

“Sen. Holmes and Mr. Marsh’s presentation shed light on the roles that legislators and lobbyists play in the successful passage of legislation,” noted NAVS Director of Legal and Legislative Programs, Marcia Kramer, “as well as how we, as advocates, can more effectively work with both of them in moving forward an agenda that promotes greater justice for animals.”

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