NAVS’ Comments Regarding NIH Decision to Conduct Ethics Review on Non-Human Primate Experiments

“It is a discussion that is long overdue”

NAVS welcomes the news that the NIH is planning to review its ethical policies and procedures pertaining to experimentation on non-human primates. It is a discussion that is long overdue, given greater understanding of the intelligence and complex emotional lives of primates as well as growing acknowledgement of the failure of other species to predict what is safe and effective for people.

It is our hope that those who care about animals and about the advancement of more humane, human-relevant science, will contribute constructively to this discussion.

As advocates for animals and the advancement of humane science, NAVS shares a common goal with scientists—to discover safe, valid solutions to human health needs. We simply differ in what we see as the most effective, ethical ways to reach that goal.

Rather than build barriers, however, we hope to build bridges and from there work together to develop smarter, more humane solutions so that scientific progress will be defined by innovative technology and discoveries, as well as its advancement of a greater society that extends compassion and respect to all sentient life.

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