National Concern for Animals is Growing

Cute holland lop rabbit standing at outdoor

May 3 –  An editorial published in today’s Chicago Tribune applauds what NAVS and our supporters already know—campaigns to end animal cruelty are gaining momentum throughout the country, and these issues deserve the awareness they are now receiving.

And our legislators are listening. Not only have more than 120 members of Congress joined the bipartisan Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, but the members of that caucus support and raise awareness of important animal protection legislation on the national level. They are bringing attention to issues from updating the Horse Protection Act to ban horse soring, to the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act, which would make the purchase and sale of shark fins illegal. Also on their radar is the Humane Cosmetics Act, which would end, once and for all, the practice of testing cosmetics on animals in the U.S.

But we must keep the pressure on to ensure these humane laws are passed. Through the NAVS Advocacy Center, you can join advocates around the country—as well as the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus—in speaking up for animals by asking your legislators to support humane legislation both federally and in your state.

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