Mt. Horeb, WI: Stand With Your Best Friends on Nov. 6!

For many, cats and dogs are members of our families—happy to see us, and always there to share love and affection. But did you know that thousands of dogs and cats are still used in cruel and painful animal testing, despite the fact that alternative testing methods exist? And what’s even sadder: some of these animals—especially beagles, one of the most-used breeds of dogs for research—are chosen for experimentation because they bond so well with their human handlers. 

And just outside of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin lies Ridglan Farms: a facility that breeds beagles for the sole purpose of selling them to facilities to become research subjects.

The good news is that citizens of Mt. Horeb have a historic opportunity to send a clear message to those who support the use of animals for painful scientific experiments and tests. On the ballot this November, Resolution 10.04 would prohibit both the transport and ownership of dogs and cats with the intent to use them in painful research, testing or experimentation in the village of Mt. Horeb.

This resolution would show a community’s ability to take a stand against the multi-billion-dollar animal testing and research industry that profits from the suffering of animals.

On November 6, stand with the dogs and cats of Mt. Horeb. Vote YES on Resolution 10.04!

Want to spread the word? Download our flyer here. 

From the faulty science of animal experimentation to the use of smarter, human-relevant alternatives, there are many reasons we must support this ordinance and end the use of dogs and cats in research throughout the country.  

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