Meet Our New Cruelty-Free Beauty Blogger, Ashley V!

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NAVS is excited to introduce our new regular feature, True Beauty is Cruelty-Free. On this weekly blog, we’ll be sharing interviews with cruelty-free companies certified by Leaping Bunny, information on legislation you can support that bans testing cosmetics on animals, and news in the world of cruelty-free beauty from our new guest blogger, Ashley Velez.  

My name is Ashley Velez, and my cosmetic bag has been cruelty-free since May 2016. The switch was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. It is a great honor and privilege to introduce myself as the National Anti-Vivisection Society’s new cruelty-free blogger!

For years I have worked in salons and in makeup artistry and, like many people, I had no idea that some of the brands I had been using and working with were tested on animals. I had heard of “cruelty-free” products before, yet I had no idea exactly what animal testing was. At worst, I had imagined it was somebody running red lipstick down a pig’s back and seeing if he broke out. Not hardly.

I was educated on the dark truth that is animal testing thanks to a petition pamphlet that was sent to me, featuring a devastating story about a university lab cat that would change my life and worldview forever. As I read the violent and heartbreaking story about a beautiful orange tabby cat who died after months of being tormented and experimented on, something broke within me. I have four cats at home whom I love and adore, and my heart breaks just when they have belly aches. I could never imagine another of their kind, or of any kind, enduring this much trauma, and definitely not for the sake of vanity.

As an animal welfare advocator, esthetician and makeup artist, I am so excited to introduce to you the brand-new True Beauty Is Cruelty-Free! There is endless learning when it comes to the cruelty-free world and seeing where hair care, skin care, nail care and cosmetics all fit in with it, and this new feature will surely keep you in the know! We can live beautifully and still make choices that reflect compassion and respect toward animals. We don’t even need to sacrifice quality to be kind, we just need to be willing to do the research necessary. I am here to help you narrow some of that down. I want you to become more aware of how much your daily decisions truly make a difference, and of all things beauty without the cruelty.

Nothing is more beautiful than living in accordance with your belief that no living being should have to suffer for the sake of vanity.


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