Make the “Friendly Skies” Animal Friendly

This week’s Take Action Thursday urges humane treatment of companion animals who travel with their families on airplanes.

Federal Legislation

New legislation is frequently inspired by current events. Harm to animals that sparks outrage can result in a demand by voters for a new law that will prevent such harm from occurring in the future.

In March 2018, a 10-month-old puppy died when a flight attendant insisted that the pet’s family place him in an overhead compartment during a three-hour United Airlines flight from Houston to New York. As a result, companion bills HR 5315, the Planes Ensuring Total Safety Act (PETS Act) and S 2556, the Welfare Of Our Furry Friends Act (WOOFF Act), were introduced. These bills would direct the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to prohibit the storage of live animals in airplane overhead compartments, and would require the FAA to establish fines for violations.

Please ask your U.S. Senators and Representative to support this important—and potentially life-saving—bill.


Legal Trends

The airline industry is also considering changes to improve the welfare of animals in their care. The International Air Transport Association, a major trade organization representing 280 airlines, recently announced that it is launching a voluntary global certification program for airlines, aimed at improving the humane handling and safety of their animal passengers. The program will cover companion animals, farm animals and zoo animals. Air Canada and the City of London’s Heathrow Animal Reception Centre were instrumental in piloting the program.

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