Humane Scientific Advancements to be Thankful For


As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family this week, NAVS would like to reflect upon what we are most grateful for this year. 

Together We’re Changing Attitudes
We are very pleased to see that the public is becoming increasingly aware of the scientific, financial and ethical issues surrounding animal experimentation. Gallup polls continue to show that public support of animal experimentation is decreasing. A poll conducted earlier this year revealed that 51% of Americans believe that medical testing on animals is morally acceptable. While this is still an unacceptably high number, it is down dramatically from the 65% who held that belief just eighteen years ago. Accordingly, the percentage of individuals who view the practice as morally wrong increased, from 26% in 2001 to 44% in 2019. This is not only great news for animals, but validation that our efforts to educate the public on the need to replace cruel, costly and flawed animal experiments with humane, innovative methods of research are working.

Together We’re Making Our Voices Heard
We are also thankful that our staff and animal advocates, like yourselves, continue to work tirelessly to help animals involved in scientific experimentation. Our commitment to fighting for transparency surrounding animal experimentation is paying dividends. When the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) removed animal welfare documents from its website without any notice this year, we made our voices heard and demanded accountability from the USDA. As a result, these missing reports were recently restored. And after our science advisors discussed our transparency concerns with the Government Accountability Office, they released a report recommending that government agencies develop metrics to better track—and report to the public—progress being made in the area of alternatives. We’re also thankful that our efforts regarding animal use in education have led to important conversations about student choice and the right for students to choose humane dissection alternatives in the classroom. We recently had the opportunity to share the results of a new survey we conducted regarding compliance with student choice laws and policies at a national teaching conference this fall and helped disseminate important information about dissection alternatives to educators from all across the country.

Together We’re Making Scientific Progress
We are inspired by the work being done by early career researchers whom NAVS helps to support at the International Science and Engineering Fair and through the International Foundation for Ethical Research. Our grant recipients are working to promote the development of humane methodologies that can spare animal suffering and are spreading the word about their human-relevant, cell-based research models at national and international conferences and through scientific publications. Our awardees are receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from leading academic researchers, industry scientists and government regulators. They’re helping pave the way for animal models to be replaced by more predictive and human-relevant methods. 

We Are Thankful to Have Supporters Like You
It’s true that we have much to be thankful for this year. But the one thing for which we are most thankful is YOU. It is because of the support of dedicated, compassionate friends like you that we are helping to end the overreliance on animal models by the scientific community. But much more remains to be done. Please help NAVS continue to speak on behalf of the animals who cannot speak for themselves by making a donation today. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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