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Welcome to the NAVS Advocacy Center

In a society with so many different issues and viewpoints, it can sometimes be challenging to sort out which actions can really make a difference for animals. The NAVS Advocacy Center makes it easy for caring people like you to support and advance federal legislation, corporate policies and other matters of interest that will have a positive impact on animals exploited in the name of science.

Legislation is divided into two categories: Federal (open to all U.S. residents) and State (intended for residents of that state). Email letters will go to your own representatives on Capitol Hill or to elected officials in your state. Letters on non-legislative National issues will go to the individual(s) who have the power to make decisions on those issues.

Join others who care about animals and TAKE ACTION.

Federal Actions
State Actions
National Actions

As an organization dedicated to the well-being of all animals, we also provide opportunities for you to make your voice heard on a wide range of other issues related to the ways in which animals are used in our society. Click the link below to TAKE ACTION on these issues.

Other Actions

To see the status of current legislation that affects animals, visit NAVS’ Animal Law Resource Center.