How NAVS Saves Lives: Amy’s Story

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. Her name is Bella, and she is a 17-year-old vervet monkey.

Bella lived as a pet monkey and her owners decided to make the right decision and send her to a sanctuary. Thanks to a grant from the NAVS Sanctuary Fund, Primates Incorporated, the sanctuary of which I am Executive Director, was able to give her a new home and a new life.

Once here, Bella was out of the diapers she previously wore and was soon living with another former pet monkey. She also learned monkey behaviors from the other monkeys around her, many of whom were retired from research.

As a NAVS supporter, your generous donations made this success story possible.

For the past three years, NAVS has come to the aid of Bella and all of the other monkeys at Primates Incorporated. Currently, NAVS is helping us modify and improve our enclosures so that we can provide homes for the growing number of former research primates we are planning to receive from laboratories.

By supporting NAVS this Holiday season, you are helping to save more monkeys in need, and I am grateful for that.

As monkeys come out of labs, they’re going to need a place to go—and quickly. The NAVS Sanctuary Fund provides a vehicle for helping animals when they need it the most-whether they’re being retired from research, affected by natural disasters, or suffering as victims of abuse or neglect.

So know that when you give to NAVS, not only are you helping to replace animal research with more innovative technologies, but you’re also helping the animals who need help right now.

On behalf of myself, Bella, and all of the primates whose lives you’re saving, I thank you.

Amy Kerwin
Executive Director, Primates Incorporated

Pictured: Amy Kerwin and Bella

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