How NAVS Makes a Difference: Alexandra’s Story

Many years ago, I read about an animal researcher who was conducting brutal and invasive eye movement experiments on rhesus monkeys for hours every day. It was one of the most horrible things I had ever read.

The pain and anger I felt every time I read the detailed account of what was done to the monkeys ignited my passion to end animal research—and it led me to the National Anti-Vivisection Society. Their mission to end the exploitation of animals used in science resonated strongly with me, as I hope it does with you as well.

I found in NAVS a powerful and compassionate organization that continuously strives to end the use of animals in research, education and testing. I was (and am still) impressed by how active and effective NAVS is. 

As I consider organizations that I’m going to make a year-end gift to, NAVS is once again at the top of my list. I hope they are on yours, also.

I’m impressed by how hard NAVS works every day to fulfill their mission and to educate me as a donor and advocate. I’ve learned from NAVS’ emails and videos about scientists who use organs-on-chips, 3-D organoid models as well as in vitro research and how NAVS is helping to advance the development of these effective methods within the research community. Understanding innovative alternatives has helped me realize how they can—and should—be used in place of archaic animal models.

NAVS also makes it easy for me to advocate on behalf of the precious animals. Their action alerts inform me about many different proposed federal and state laws that can either end, replace, reduce or retire animals from research and testing. And the NAVS online Advocacy Center makes it easy to contact my lawmakers directly. It’s always rewarding when I receive a “thank you” email from my congressman and two U.S. senators acknowledging that they heard my voice.

The education that NAVS provides is crucial. It’s easy to say “stop using animals in research”. But NAVS explains how and why—and then also shows me how I can help make that happen. 

I’m so proud to support all that NAVS does. This Holiday season, I invite you to join me in making a generous donation to NAVS.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

Alexandra Walsh
NAVS Donor and Advocate

Pictured: Alexandra Walsh and her cat, Capri

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