House Funding Bill Shows Compassion for Animals in Research

This week, Take Action Thursday dissects an appropriations bill for the Department of Agriculture that could make a difference for animals.

Federal Legislation

Each year, Congress must pass bills appropriating funds for various federal agencies. This year’s funding bill for the Department of Agriculture, HR 3164, contains several provisions that would positively impact animals and increase transparency for animals in research.

While it is not unusual for appropriations bills to contain some animal welfare provisions, such as a ban on inspecting horse slaughterhouses to prevent the sale of horsemeat for human consumption, HR 3164 tackles two new issues of great interest to NAVS and its supporters:

  • Restoration of the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s database with records on animals used for research, enforcement records and reports documenting noncompliance. NAVS has been advocating for the return of these records, along with greater transparency in reporting on the use of animals for research.
  • A prohibition on licensing and inspecting class B animal dealers that sell dogs and cats for research and testing. While the National Institutes of Health no longer permits the use of dogs and cats obtained from class B dealers, these “random source” animal dealers are still in operation and continue to have a shady reputation regarding the source of their animals.

While passage of these measures would only ensure their implementation for the 2020 fiscal year, they represent positive momentum in favor of animals. Please let your legislators know that you fully support the inclusion of these important animal protection objectives in the final bill adopted by Congress this year.

Please contact your U.S. Representative and ask them to support this legislation. 


State Update

In Oregon, SB 638, which requires public and private research facilities that use dogs or cats for laboratory research to offer these animals for adoption instead of euthanasia once they are no longer used for research was signed into law by Governor Brown. Thanks to everyone who made their voice heard in support of this bill.

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