Have You Provided for Your Companion Animals?

This week’s Take Action Thursday encourages making provisions for the future safety and well-being of your non-human family members.

Each week in Take Action Thursday, we typically recommend advocacy on behalf of animals all across the country—and even around the world. This week, however, NAVS would like you to take an action that will benefit animals in your own home.

Have you taken steps to provide for the well-being of your companion animals if you are unable to provide for their care? Many people are uncomfortable with contemplating their own mortality, but if you are responsible for the care of animals, then you have an obligation to provide for them if something should happen to you.

Without a trust providing for their financial care and the protection of a legal guardian, your best friends could be sent to a shelter, abandoned or even euthanized.

You don’t have to be wealthy to have a will or to create a trust to provide for your companion animals. Whether you have few assets or millions of dollars, creating a trust for the care of your animals is still important as it allows you to designate a caretaker now in anticipation of a future need. This is a provision that can take effect immediately, prior to probate of a will, because the physical needs of your animals will not wait.

Since 2016, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have had laws on the books for the creation of pet trusts. The details of these trusts vary, so it is worth consulting an estate planning professional.

For more information on pet trusts, visit the NAVS website.

NAVS also has information on establishing a trust for your companion animals, as well as on planned charitable giving, in our downloadable guide, “Your Legacy of Compassion.” Making a trust now will help ensure that your companion animals receive the continued loving care they deserve.

Download “Your Legacy of Compassion”

Want to do more? Visit the NAVS Advocacy Center to TAKE ACTION on behalf of animals in your state and around the country. And please make a donation today to support the advancement of humane legislation across the U.S.


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