Have You Heard?! CoverGirl Is Now Certifiably Cruelty-Free!

by Ashley Velez

The future is cruelty-free, and the world of beauty is moving quickly these days! With many cosmetics and skin care brands implementing smarter and kinder business decisions as a result of eyes being opened to the terrible truths of monkeys, bunnies, cats, rabbits and more being brutally sacrificed for the sake of profit, it is becoming quite a ripple effect. We couldn’t be any happier–unless, of course, we see the day where every brand is 100% cruelty-free and no longer testing on animals!

Most recently, on Monday, November 5, the world witnessed CoverGirl become the largest cosmetics brand to be certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. Found to uphold values of integrity and respect for all living beings, CoverGirl promises not to test on animals or pay for any third party to do so at any point during the ingredient choosing or developing and manufacturing stages of their products.

CoverGirl has also pulled their line away from the shelves in mainland China to ensure that their sales will not be contributing to animal cruelty in any way. (For those unaware, the law in mainland China requires animal testing on all cosmetics sold.) The brand has also agreed to comply with future “accountability checks,” undergoing multiple rigorous investigations of its animal testing policies and supply chain for the months and years to come.

“If we [are capable of doing this] with our size and with our capability and with our complexity, every brand can,” says Ukonwa Ojo, Chief Marketing Officer of Consumer Beauty at CoverGirl’s parent-company brand, Coty. “We can all envision a cosmetics industry and world that is free from unnecessary animal testing.” We couldn’t agree more!

In addition to high-quality cosmetics that can be found in drugstores, Target stores, Ulta shops and more, CoverGirl also sells fragrances and salon professional essentials, bringing in close to $10 billion annually. By acknowledging the needs of those who are animal lovers and anti- testing advocates, that dollar amount is sure to rise quickly.

Coty, which is also a parent company to cosmetics brands Max Factor and Rimmel, promises to have at least one more of its own brands Leaping Bunny-certified by 2020.

What exciting news for those who had to, at one point, put down their Lash Blast Mascara because using it didn’t line up accordingly with their values—now it completely does!


Here are some other amazing Leaping Bunny-certified brands worth checking out who have also done a complete 360 in the past and now create cruelty-free products only, offering us cosmetics that we can enjoy and thoroughly trust!

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  • 100% Pure
  • KINDri
  • Milani
  • Norvell
  • SpaRitual
  • The Body Shop
  • Yes To

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