The gift that keeps on giving

This holiday season, wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a gift from your heart that you knew would save lives—now and in the future?

When you make a holiday donation to the NAVS Sanctuary Fund, not only are you providing emergency assistance to animals living right now at shelters and sanctuaries across the country, but you’re supporting projects that will save countless animals’ lives in the years to come. For example:

  • Project Chimps in Blue Ridge, Georgia, is one of the largest sanctuaries for chimpanzees being retired from private research labs. A NAVS Sanctuary Fund grant helped Project Chimps open the NAVS Chimpanzee Health and Wellness Center, an on-site clinic that will allow the animals to receive the ongoing care they’ll need without the stress of transport.
  • This past fall, Peaceable Primate Sanctuary in Winamac, Indiana, unveiled their new baboon enclosures that were built with help from a NAVS Sanctuary Fund grant. The enclosures are providing safety, security and a more enriching life for baboons “retired” from research, like Freya (pictured at the top of this email), who call Peaceable Primate Sanctuary their home. 

These are just some of the ways your support is helping rescues, sanctuaries and shelters care for their current residents, and prepare to come to the aid of more animals in the future. Because the reality is, the need for compassionate people to step up for animals in need isn’t going away overnight.

You can be there for the animals being abused and neglected, and for animals who will need a helping hand as they begin new lives outside of the laboratory, factory farm or hoarder’s home. For the animals in sanctuaries today and those waiting to be rescued, your holiday donation to NAVS has endless lifesaving possibilities.  


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