Your gift to animals seeking freedom

We can’t imagine what it’s like in those first few moments when the animals that have been helped through the NAVS Sanctuary Fund first realize they’re free—whether it’s from years of abuse in a laboratory, from an awful hoarding and neglect situation, or from the perils of a natural disaster. 

But thanks to friends like you, animals like Ethel and Hayden have won this rare chance at a new life.

Ethel and Hayden are two of 16 pigs who were released from a biomedical research facility in San Francisco and into the care of Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in Stockton, California. Upon reaching Harvest Home, these pigs finally received the nutrition and care they deserved. And, for what was probably the first time in their lives, Ethel and Hayden attained the freedom to be pigs—not test subjects.

This couldn’t have happened without you. 

The sad truth is that stories with happy endings like this are not as common as they should be. For every Ethel, for every Hayden, there are countless other animals who are not as lucky.

In the coming year, NAVS will continue to receive desperate appeals to assist animals in crisis; to help them escape their lives of cruelty, neglect and struggle; and to allow them to thrive in the safety and security of life in a sanctuary.

Your holiday donation to NAVS can help answer these calls and create more “happily ever afters” for animals like Ethel and Hayden.

Make 2018 a year of hope—for continued progress in ending the cruelty of animal experimentation, and for greater compassion, respect and justice for all animals.

This entry was posted in News on December 15, 2017.
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