Feel Refreshed & Beautiful For Spring Break 2019!

Guest blogger Ashley Velez of Cruelty-Free with Ashley V shares some of her favorite Leaping Bunny-certified products to get you ready for Spring Break.

Spring Break is just around the corner!

Maybe you already have vacation plans for that time off, or maybe you wish that you did. Whatever the situation is, you can look and feel the part this Spring with the help of Leaping Bunny-certified brand Alba Botanica! A variety of cruelty-free and reef safe products from sunscreen to lip balm with Hawaiian-inspired smells and ingredients, you will feel as if you just already stepped onto the sunny beaches of Kauai.

  1. Hawaiian Sunscreen Coconut Clear Spray SPF 50. Reef-friendly and The Skin Cancer Foundation recommended, this biodegradable sunscreen formula is tropically scented and will protect your skin without that weird overkilling sunscreen smell found in most sunscreens. Not only will this product protect you from the risk of sun burn or skin cancer, but will protect you from premature signs of aging as well. Who doesn’t want that?
  2. Hawaiian Pineapple Quench Lip Balm. Packed with fruity scented, botanically-based emollients, this lip balm will take your lips on vacation. With no harsh sulfates or artificial colors, your lips will be sure to remain soothed and moisturized all day long!
  3. Hawaiian Marula Miracle Therapy Moisture Leave-In Conditioner. Dry ends or frizzy hair? This is what it needs! The marula oil will lock moisture into your strands and will radiate shine. Think like a much thirsted for, fresh drink of fruity kombucha for your hair!
  4. Sunless Tanner Lotion. Sometimes a real tan takes about a day after sun exposure to develop, and sometimes your skin really pays for that! Who wouldn’t love a much safer alternative that is healthier for your skin and shows up quicker than a tan created after spending all day long baking in the sun? For a golden, non-streaking tan in less than three hours, go for this product. You won’t be disappointed with the glow that develops, and you would have invested into keeping your skin safe!
  5. Hawaiian Facial Mask Pore-fecting Papaya Enzyme. Who says they have no time for self-care? Not if all you need is five minutes to spare! For a pick-me-up for your face, give yourself an express facial with this Hawaiian-inspired, aloe-vera packed face mask and you will reap the benefit of a brighter tone and refined texture. The papaya and pineapple enzymes are sure to remove dull skin cells and impurities to reveal fresh, glowing skin.

Vacation or not, you will be treating yourself to some golden goodness with these can’t-go-wrong, 100% cruelty-free items from Alba Botanica!


Note: The opinions expressed are those of the writer; NAVS doesn’t endorse any products mentioned. 

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