Did you hear what happened in Mt. Horeb?

Who would have thought that what happened this year in the small village of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin would reverberate throughout the world of animal research?

This fall, NAVS got word of a small group of compassionate citizens who were appalled to discover what was happening at Ridglan Farms—a breeder of beagles to be sold for use in laboratories that operates just outside of their town. Thanks to some digging into state law, they discovered that, with the appropriate number of signatures, they would be able to add a referendum to the November ballot in Mt. Horeb that would prohibit both the transport and ownership of dogs and cats with the intent to use them in painful research, testing or experimentation.

The referendum would be the first of its kind to allow the public to directly address the issue of vivisection.

When we found out about these inspiring efforts, we reached out and were honored to donate a billboard backing Resolution 10.04 thanks to the generosity of our donors. While there was an outpouring of support for the resolution from residents of Mt. Horeb—many of whom had no idea what was happening at Ridglan Farms—there was also staunch opposition to the resolution from many with ties to the breeder.

The resolution ultimately did not pass, but the consciousness raised in this community and beyond made waves throughout the country. Now, those who support using animals in cruel, wasteful testing are worried that what happened in Mt. Horeb could spread around the country through a groundswell of local, grassroots awareness efforts. And as recent polls show most Americans are turning against animal testing, opportunities to weigh in at the ballot box could make a lasting impact on ending this practice for good.

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