Close the Loopholes Allowing Horse Soring

This week’s Take Action Thursday urges action to stop the painful practice of horse soring.

Federal Legislation

The Prevent All Soring (PAST) Act, SB 2957 and HR 1847, would close the gaps in current horse soring law that have allowed abuse towards horses to continue. Horse soring is a painful practice used by stables to accentuate a horse’s gait by irritating the forelegs of the horse by the application of chemicals or the use of mechanical irritants. The horse’s reaction to the pain causes them to quickly pull their front legs up, which is a desired trait in show horses.

The legislation notes that current inspection procedures and enforcement of regulations—in particular, as they relate to Tennessee Walking Horses, Racking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses—are inadequate to prevent soring, even though this practice is already banned by the federal Horse Protection Act (HPA).

The PAST Act would ban cruel devices integral to the soring process that are not specified in the HPA, including weighted, stacked shoes and ankle chains. It would also increase penalties for horse soring violations under the HPA, including the use of chemicals and devices, while addressing the failed system of industry self-policing.

Please ask your U.S. Senators and Representative to put an end to the abuse of show horses and punish those who perpetuate this cruel treatment.

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