Changing Animal and Human Lives: Our Story


There are numerous stories from NAVS supporters who have shared why the work NAVS does on behalf of animals is so important to them—and why they’re proud to be part of our life-saving efforts.

We wanted to make sure you heard one more story—ours. In many ways, it’s the most important story of all, because it’s one that supporters like you are helping to write.

For nearly 90 years, NAVS has stood at the forefront of efforts to extend greater compassion, respect and justice for animals. As a respected leader of advocates for animals and better, more humane science, NAVS has a proud history of promoting positive solutions to replace cruel, costly and flawed animal experiments with modern, innovative methods of research, safety testing and education.

And in the past year alone, we’ve seen incredible progress—including:

  • an end to invasive biomedical experimentation on chimpanzees in the U.S.;
  • the end of mandatory live animal labs in all U.S. medical schools; and
  • a dramatic decrease in public approval of animal experimentation.

NAVS also played a key role this year in seeing legislation introduced in several states which would guarantee students the right to choose humane classroom dissection alternatives.

These accomplishments have only been made possible because of your compassion, dedication and generosity.

YOU are making a difference for animals.

Because of your support, NAVS’ vision of a more humane world is becoming a reality. And your tax-deductible, year-end donation will help ensure that we continue to effect change in 2017 and beyond.


This entry was posted in News on December 29, 2016.
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