A Better System for Organ Transplants

The shortage of organs for patients on transplant lists continues to be a large global dilemma. In America alone, there are over 100,000 people waiting on organ transplant lists. The research community seems to think that using animals for human … Continued

Meet Ryan, NAVS’ Humane Science Award Recipient

Every May, NAVS attends the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair to choose recipients of our Humane Science Award which recognizes students who are developing non-animal methodologies which advance science. By rewarding students who are conducting exceptional work—without relying on … Continued

The Future of Organoid Models

Through our funding of the International Foundation for Ethical Research, NAVS has a long supported the development of human-relevant, cell-based models, and has viewed these tools as powerful alternatives to animal experiments. So, what are the latest advancements in three-dimensional … Continued