Bring Humane Education into the Classroom

This week’s Take Action Thursday urges state legislators to introduce a bill to require humane education and humane treatment of animals in classrooms.

State Legislation

Incorporating humane education into classroom activities teaches students at an early age to treat both animals and other humans with kindness and respect.

Recently, there was national media coverage of a biology teacher who fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students in his classroom. The teacher is currently under investigation by the Idaho Attorney General for animal cruelty and the turtle has since been confiscated and euthanized by Idaho Department of Agriculture because the teacher did not have a permit to own the animal.

This incident highlights the importance of incorporating humane education in classrooms across the country. It also further demonstrates why teachers who keep classroom pets should be prohibited from feeding live animals to these pets in front of their students. Children are highly impressionable and emulate the actions of the adults with whom they have a relationship.

Please ask your state Senator and Representative to introduce legislation that will require humane education and humane treatment of animals in classrooms. 

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