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Be There for the Animals When They Need It Most

When Saving Animal Lives Can't WaitWhen catastrophe strikes, the NAVS Sanctuary Fund stands ready to help animal sanctuaries, rescues and shelters facing unforeseen emergency needs. Support from the Sanctuary Fund is a vital lifeline for the organizations, whose resources are already strained, and for the animals who call these places home.

Below, you can read some of last year’s Sanctuary Fund success stories from places like Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Angleton Texas, a farmed animal sanctuary that was in the direct path of Hurricane Harvey and found itself underwater, and Jungle Friends Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida, which needed to repair their primate enclosures after they were hit by Hurricane Irma.

These stories serve as a stark reminder of how quickly disasters can strike, and the potentially dire consequences for the animals who make their homes in these sanctuaries. 

As we gear up for another year of the unexpected—and as weather seems to become more destructive and extreme—we’re hoping you’ll help us be there for the countless animals living at sanctuaries who will need our help.

Two ways to get involved:

  1. Sign up for our Emergency Alert E-mails that will let you know when impending weather events may soon impact animal lives;
  2. Make a donation to NAVS today to help make sure that we don’t have to turn away qualified requests for funds when the need is urgent and lives are on the line.




Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Damage

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary Damage

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary