Incentives Proposed to Stop Using Animals in Research

Federal Legislation In 2017, federally-licensed research facilities reported using more than 790,000 animals for research, testing and education. The Humane and Existing Alternatives in Research and Testing Sciences (HEARTS) Act, HR 1209, would seek to reduce this number. This legislation … Continued

Is the USDA failing to protect animals?

  A recent article in the Washington Post brought to light a trend NAVS has also noticed: the USDA and its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service have been issuing drastically fewer citations to facilities that house animals that are … Continued

Animals Need Protection from Disasters Too!

Federal Legislation Every year, in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters, it is clear that the current planning for those disasters does not address the interests, nor meet the needs, of animals used for commercial purposes. The failure to … Continued