Forever Homes are on the Docket for 2019

State Legislation Animals used in scientific research are all-too-often regarded as disposable “commodities” and are needlessly killed following their use in the lab.   NAVS has been working steadily over the past several years to help introduce and encourage the passage … Continued

Testing Cosmetics on Animals Needs to Stop!

This week, Take Action Thursday makes a New Year’s resolution to continue and strengthen efforts aimed at ending the use of animals for cosmetics safety testing . Legislative sessions are getting underway in Congress and in many states, bringing with … Continued

We aren’t finished fighting for the animals.

This year marked a momentous shift in the battle to end animal testing and experimentation: a Pew research survey showed that, for the first time, a majority of Americans oppose the use of animals for biomedical research.   But alongside this exciting … Continued

Did you hear what happened in Mt. Horeb?

Who would have thought that what happened this year in the small village of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin would reverberate throughout the world of animal research? This fall, NAVS got word of a small group of compassionate citizens who were appalled … Continued

How we won for chimpanzees

It wasn’t long ago—less than a decade—that our close cousin, the chimpanzee, was used in invasive biomedical research. Hundreds of these highly intelligent and social animals were kept in isolated in cages where they awaited uncertain fates as test subjects … Continued