Animals retired from research deserve love, too

Many of us know that our bond with our companion animals is one of the strongest we can have—rivalling even those that we share with members of our own species.

This Valentine’s Day, what if you could help bring this same love and companionship to dogs, cats and other animals used in research who have never known the joys of a home outside of the laboratory?

Today, we’re hoping you’ll help us give a new meaning to the phrase “puppy love” and support our efforts to pass legislation requiring dogs, cats and other animals retired from research get the chance at loving homes of their own. 

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NAVS is working harder than ever this session in support of state bills that could save the lives of countless animals who deserve the opportunity to have a fresh start—instead of being euthanized. We’re encouraged by the number of states that have already passed similar legislation, but we also know that work is needed to continue this momentum. 

Your gift today will help ensure we are able to activate animal advocates and put pressure on legislators in key states. Right now, Indiana, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Texas and New Jersey are all considering bills that will save the lives of dogs and cats used for research.

Your donation will allow us to continue to work closely with lawmakers in even more states around the country, while also following existing legislation from its introduction to the moment it’s signed into law.

We know, of course, that the best way to end the suffering of animals used in science is to end animal testing and experimentation altogether. But while we fight this bigger battle, animals shouldn’t needlessly die along the way.

Today—and every day—we thank you for your love and compassion for animals as we work together to end their exploitation. 


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